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Tanapa builds dams, drills boreholes for wild animals

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The Tanzania National Parks Authority (Tanapa) has begun building dams and drilling boreholes in its parks countrywide in an effort to provide additional drinking water sources for wild animals.

Tanzania National Parks

The decision was reached by the Tanapa management in response to climatic changes that have resulted from scarcity of rains, leading to long dry spells that cause wildlife to lack drinking water.

Tanapa public relations manager Pascal Shelutete made the revelation yesterday before journalists who toured Mkomazi National Park to witness construction of some dams being built there.

He said the issue of clime climate was a global concern and that measures taken by the authority were meant to enable wild animals have access to drinking water within the shortest possible distance.

He said already some wild animals have started dying due to lack of drinking water, while some invade people’s residential areas in search for the life-giving liquid.

“Earlier, the policy did not allow introduction of any terrain within the parks, but now we are forced to build dams and drill wells due to climatic change…we want to prevent wild animals from going into people’s homes,” stressed Shelutete.

For her part, Mkomazi National Park conservator Beatrice Ntambi said a large section of the park has been badly hit by dry spells, and that already six dams spaced out at a distance of 14 kilometres form each other have been built, whereby four of them currently produces water.

She said plans were underway to widen the dams to meet the demand, whereby some wind-driven water pumps would be installed at boreholes to help supply the dams with water.

Mkomazi park chief warden Dominick Tarimo said in an effort to combat poaching, warders have been conducting road and air patrols to monitoring movements of wild animals and providing them with protection.

Source: The Guardian

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