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Germany continues to aid climate change education efforts in Tanzania

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A top German embassy official pledged his country’s continued commitment to supporting climate change education in Tanzania, Tanzania’s Daily News reported Wednesday (August 8th).

“Some social conflicts and disruptions of peace result from effects of climate change due to loss of territory,” said the German embassy’s Deputy Head of Mission Hans Koeppel. “Germany will continue working closely with the government and the people of Tanzania and the international community to address challenges of climate change.”

He said climate change increases development risks, as extreme weather causes cyclones, droughts, floods and food shortages.

Ngosi Mwihawa, deputy permanent secretary for environment in the Tanzanian vice president’s office, said community involvement and education play a key role in mitigating the negative effects of climate change.

Currently, 70% of all natural disasters in Tanzania are linked to prolonged drought and floods, according to the Daily News. Research shows there has been up to a 50% decrease in water availability in some places due to prolonged drought, rising sea levels and desertification.

Source: Sabahi

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