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Zanzibar faces serious challenges of climate change

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Facing environmental and economic challenges posed by global climate change, Tanzania’s Zanzibar Island need to take steps to minimize the impact which could hinder the region’s future development, a report said Tuesday.

Zanzibar, Tanzania’s semi-autonomous region, is experiencing the effects of climate change especially along its coastal area where sea water is invading habitational and agricultural lands, said Fatma Freji, Zanzibar’s Minister of State in the Second Vice President’s office, while issuing the report.

Climate change is also affecting tourism sector as sea shores are being destroyed by environmental degradation and soil erosion, which has become a threat to the island’s economy which depends heavily on tourism, she said, adding that Zanzibar lacks resources to eliminate the effects of climate change.

The report indicated that Zanzibar need to have reliable sustainable strategies to give priorities to environmental issues, disaster management and civil education among public and private sectors.

Due to the importance of the situation, there is a need to secure financial procurement from different sources, including public and private sectors, other countries, regional and international organizations, to help Zanzibar’s efforts of fighting against climate change, the minister said.

“It is true that Zanzibar does benefit from financial assistance to deal with climate change…and my office has introduced coordination in coping with environmental effects and climate change,” she said.


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